Ultra sleek, ultra secure: SoftNet Solutions to offer Ultrabook. devices inspired by Intel

SoftNet Solutions, a leading IT solutions provider and one of the best VAR, today today announced that it will offer a new category of customized, ultra-responsive mobile computing systems inspired by Intel. These Ultrabook. devices will enable SoftNets to deliver a powerful combination of built-in security and intelligent performance in a sleek form factor.

Less than an inch thick, an Ultrabook wakes up in a flash and runs for hours.perfect for the most seasoned travelers. Its low power consumption and solid state drive enable cool, quiet operation for at least five hours of extended productivity. At the heart of every business Ultrabook is the 3rd generation Intel® Core. vPro. processor.1 The security and manageability features of Intel® vPro. technology2 will enable SoftNets to help clients safeguard sensitive data and user identities, repel threats, protect and secure lost or stolen devices, and manage their IT assets cost-effectively.

Ultrabook devices differ from typical mobile PCs, offering a richer computing experience with new levels of functionality designed for the business user:

  • Great performance -- Ultrabook devices are powered by 3rd generation Intel® Core. processors offering smart performance, with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 for a burst of speed when it.s needed.

  • Portability and style -- Sleek, attractive devices come with a full keyboard in an easy-to-carry design.

  • Wireless content sharing -- Sleek, attractive devices come with a full keyboard in an easy-to-carry design.

  • Faster responsiveness -- Resuming from hibernation in less than seven seconds, Ultrabook devices load applications in a snap.

  • More security and manageability -- Built-in security features such as Intel® Anti-Theft Technology3 help ensure content is safe, disabling the device if it is lost or stolen. And, remote, automated manageability enables IT personnel or remote service providers to configure, diagnose, isolate, and repair Ultrabooks.even if unresponsive.

Check the following links for more information on the Intel Ultrabook devices:

Ultrabook device for the Enterprise

Learn more about the sleek, secure Ultrabook inspired by Intel at www.intel.com or contact SoftNet Solutions at (408) 542-0888.