High performance data analysis is a required competitive component, providing valuable insight into the behavior of customers, market trends, scientific data, business partners, and internal users. Explosive growth in the amount of data businesses must track has challenged legacy database platforms. New unstructured, text-centric, data sources, such as feeds from Facebook, and Twitter do not fit into the structured data model. These unstructured datasets tend to be very big and difficult to work with. A "Big Data" movement has emerged to address the need for a next generation data analytics platform. Hadoop, an open source software product, is emerging as the preferred solution for Big Data analytics. Because of its scalability, flexibility, and low cost, it has become the default choice for Web giants that are dealing with large-scale clickstream analysis and ad targeting scenarios. For these reasons and more, many industries who have been struggling with the limitations of traditional database platforms are now deploying Hadoop solutions in their data centers.


Big Data is moving into the mainstream in large part due to the affordability of combining Hadoop software with hardware that is custom configured around a Big Data workload. Businesses are finding they need faster insight and deeper analysis of their data - slow performance equates to lost revenue. SoftNet Solutions platform makes it possible to aggregate and mine massive datasets quickly and easily with the proven capabilities of Hadoop running on a high performance scaleout hardware platform. SoftNet Solutions has created a turnkey solution that is fully integrated, optimized, and easily deployed. A resilient platform designed with enterprise features such as fail-over and recovery, monitoring and alerts, security and authentication. It includes an easy to use interface with Hadoop expertise built into the system. Most importantly our platform scales with your business and comes in several configurations. Contact SoftNet Solutions today to discuss how we can solve your Big Data challenges.

Platform Highlights

  • Easy to deploy, analyses more data, much faster, and in a smaller foot print.
  • High Performance Hadoop Platform with user friendly interphase Standardized.
  • Fully integrated optimized, reliable and easy to deploy Consolidation.
  • The big data value proposition scales with your business and delivers CAPEX and OPEX relief Centralization.
  • Ease of use Elegant user Interphase enables non Hadoop users, minimizing the risk of human error.
  • Resilient.
  • Monitoring and failover and recovery alerts security and authentication.

Technology Partners
SoftNet Solutions is currently working with these partners:
  • Vertica, An HP Company
  • Cloudera
  • Hortonworks